5 Useful Sites To Find Platinum Price Per Ounce

When searching for the price of platinum, and various other precious metals, the choice of websites to use can be overwhelming.

In this article we look at popular choices for gaining an insight into both the current price, and fluctuation, of platinum, and provide you with what they deem to be the current value of this precious metal today.

1. Kitco.com

5 Useful Sites To Find Platinum Price Per Ounce

Kitco is a well known company that provides extensive market coverage of all manner of metals, with nearly one million unique visitors; Kitco is an extremely reputable company. Unsurprisingly then, Kitco is the most comprehensive of all of the websites featured here.

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Not only does it display bid and ask prices, it also allows the user to set alerts for when the metal hits certain highs or lows. Additionally you can explore recent fluctuations in prices via graphs and other visual aids, which are perfect for a quick overview of performance.

2. Platinum.com


Unlike Kitco, this site focuses on platinum; however it does cover other metals such as palladium and rhodium. Here you can explore current pricing tables, as well as creating your own personalised versions.

The founder, Johnson Matthey, provides a monthly, in-depth article on the month’s activity, perfect for either the first time investor or seasoned trader. Additionally, there is a weekly price bulletin, reporting on how certain metals may have increased or decreased dramatically in value. Additionally, the website provides:

  • Platinum Group Metals (PGM) values, charts and reports
  • Expert reviews on current PGM supply and demand
  • News, opinion and events for PGM
  • PGM images

3. PlatinumPrice.org


This site is extremely simplistic in form. It has no long drawn out sales pitch, no blog or complex chart options. It simply displays the current price, along with 24 hour fluctuation chart. This website is perfect for those that are experienced in trading, and just want the information as fast and efficiently as possible.

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4. Gold-Traders.co.uk

Scrap Platinum Prices UK are a UK company that have been established since 1975. Whilst this is a UK website that sole purpose is to provide a quote for a person’s scrap platinum, it may be useful as a point of reference to be compared with the world-wide market dollar price. The prices provided are for both hallmarked and non-hallmarked metals.

5. PostalBullion.com

Postal Bullion is the foremost leading bullion retailer in Europe, who has been established for over 50 years. Their website provides useful insights into how platinum, and other precious metals, are performing.

Amongst the features on their site is a comprehensive buying guide, which guides even the most inexperienced investor through the various buying processes. In terms of their pricing graphs, you can amend: length of time, currency and weight.

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  • Nick

    I had no idea you could purchase platinum. Is that the precious metal used for platinum albums for musicians when they sell a certain amount of records? Is platinum more expensive than gold?

  • Rodney99

    Platinum is one of the best things to invest in these days. I really wish I had the money to invest in it more, but sadly, I’ve invested all I can. I love the list and I will check each site out when I can. :)

  • Tracy A.

    Kitco.com is a fantastic site for what it is and I’ve had a great time using them for my investment needs into platinum. I’ve used the other sites to find prices on platinum, but I think kitco does the best of them all. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m sure each site is worthy of getting checked out.

  • jessie

    I would love to invest into platinum, but I have some questions. First, is it more expensive than gold? Second, why is platinum so expensive to begin with? and Third, Which of these sites lists platinum for a cheaper price?

  • Davis

    Investing in platinum has been the greatest thing I’ve ever done. I wish I did it in the past and would have jumped into it then. Sadly I wasted many years until I finally invested, thankfully I finally did it. Anyways I used Kitco.com, which I believe is rightfully at #1 here. Great list though.

  • MillyM

    I absolutely love platinum, both as an investment and as jewelry. Kitco.com is the only company I have worked with and I agree with your assessment. I have never had a problem with them.