Review of Lear Capital With Complaints And Customer Feedback

Review of Lear Capital With Complaints And Customer Feedback

Lear Capital describes themselves as being experts in providing their customers with long term financial security. They’ve been in business since 1997, and during that time have expanded considerably. They say that their customer service is second to none, as they place the customer in the center of all they do.

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They also say that they help thousands of customers in diversifying their portfolios to increase returns, whilst simultaneously decreasing risk. Specifically they help customer to diversify by investing in bullion, collectable coins and adding gold or silver to an IRA.

The biggest message they have in terms of how they run their business, is that they make the investment process fast, efficient and easy, and they take the stress out of big investment practices.

Services They Offer

  • Gold IRA
  • IRA rollovers
  • Retirement planning
  • Collectible Coins
  • Coin Bullion
  • 401k investment
  • Other precious metal investment

Testimonials From The Official Website

Dealing with Chuck Navies was a very pleasant experience and I am fortunate to have him working for me. Chuck has been very responsive to my inquiries and helped me understand the purchasing process. I am happy to recommend him to my friends and family.

Timothy Kleeman

Feedback of Customers

These reviews are taken form the Trust Link website, they have been chosen to represent both the best and worst of consumer experience.

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Additionally it should be said that in relation to the negative review, the company replied extensively, which is quite unusual to see on TrustLink.


I’ve purchased both silver and gold coins from Lear. Most recently a single gold American Eagle. (I like that there are no minimums!) As with my other orders, the online procedure was simple and painless. As is usually the case with Internet purchases, I received an email confirmation in short order. The American Eagle arrived in pristine condition in a well-packed box with packing peanuts. (Note: Lear should consider biodegradable starch-based peanuts!) The delivery was within the promised time frame, even though it was during the recent holidays. Since the package is not to be trusted to leave on a doorstep, I received a call from FedEx prior to delivery. Another content customer!

Russ M


I haven’t experienced dependability and reliability with Lear Capital. I’ll spend my money somewhere else. Walter Vera told me to expect 5 gold coins, but then he said a mistake was made, expect 4 gold coins and 10 silver coins instead. I just started buying gold and silver from Lear Capital 3 weeks ago and they’re already making mistakes? Communications are rushed and unclear. Having been in business for myself for 30 years I learned quickly to listen carefully to customer’s questions and to give them accurate answers. There goes my plan to move investments from mutual funds to precious metals. I have less trouble purchasing collectible vehicles, sports memorabilia, boats, mutual funds, bonds, CDs and real estate.


What The Official Sites Say About


The TrustLink website shows that 179 customers have rated the company, on average, as 4 out of 5 stars. This is an excellent ratting, particularly given the large number of reviews.



The BBB site actually holds no rating for this company. However it must be said that this doesn’t necessary indicate a problem, there could be a whole host of reasons why they wouldn’t hold a rating.

However it is relatively unusual, given that TrustLink has 179 reviews on the company.

BBB Profile and rating:

Visit their Website:

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