Reviews Of Goldline International: What You Should Know Before You Buy Coins

Reviews Of Goldline International: What You Should Know Before You Buy Coins

Goldline International is considers themselves to be a company that offers a fuller range of services than the average investment company. They say that they specialize in international silver, gold and other precious metals. As well as this they also provide extensive guidance on purchasing coins that are collectibles.

Goldline state that their long business history has given the experience required to exceed customer expectation, and that in 2010 they were the number 1 fastest growing company in LA as defined by the LA Business Journal.

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Finally they state that they are able to help customers looking to diversify their portfolio, and that customers can expect to have a dedicated manager looking after them.

They also provide a gold investors starter kit which is perfect for those new to investing.

What Service They Provide

  • Buillion
  • Coin and collection coin
  • Gold IRAs
  • Other precious metal investment

Testimonials From

I appreciate the personal attention I have received during a time when I have had some difficulties… I am also very impressed with the quality of the coins which I have received, and look forward to adding to my holdings gradually over time.


What Their Customers Say

The customer testimonials found on BBB are less than positive, below is a selection of both the best and the worst in terms of customer reviews. The reviews that are held on TrustLink may be more representative of customer’s true experiences with the company.

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“Unless you are uber wealthy, you will never make your money back on your gold purchase from Goldline. Their hidden fees and phony names for commissions drive the price up so high you will never make your money back. I truly wanted to believe this was a great company, and I went in blind on a Glenn Beck referral”.


“Goldline has been patiently walking me through the gold buying procedure. I don’t have a great deal of money to invest, but my contact there has taken a great deal of time to explain things to me”.


What The Official Sites Say

The official sites do not paint a positive picture of However it is important to keep a relatively free mind when reading from these sites, some businesses have been known to suffer an amount of false negative reviews. However, the amount of negative reviews about seems to indicate that there could be a problem with this company.

Official industry commentators have pointed out the issue with the company may lye in the fact that at some point during investment with them are over charged.

That said however critics also point out that this is not a scam, instead they operate their business the way any business should be ran: shrewdly.


Trust link holds no rating for



BBB holds a 2 out of 5 star rating for

BBB Profile and rating

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