Top 5 Famous Cash for Gold Buyers

Since the start of the World Wide Financial Crisis in 2007, the number of cash for gold byers has risen dramatically. With so many companies vying for your business, knowing who to choose can be a confusing process. In this article we look at the top five gold buyers as decided by consumers.

1. EmpireGoldBuyers

Top 5 Famous Cash For Gold Buyers

They provide insurance of anything up to $25,000 for your gold, so they are the perfect choice when it comes to people who have a large amount of this precious metal. They also offer a choice of five payment methods, which, when compared to the many companies who offer check only, is extremely flexible.

They also buy other precious metals as well as items such as gems and diamonds. Unfortunately however you can only deal with them via post, email and phone, unless you live in New York, as that is where their one and only store is.

Visit website:

2. TheGoldGuys


These are well known in the industry for their unique gold hosting parties. They have 15 stores that span 7 states and a fantastic reputation for customer service.

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TheGoldGuys also provide insured services, but you should check out whether the insurance will cover your amount. They pay only via check and they do not have live chat support, which means if you’re dealing with them online, correspondence can take that little bit longer.

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3. ExpressGoldCash

This service provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. It also offers shipping insurance up to $5,000 and features outstanding customer support.

Although the company does not have any physical stores, they are highly experienced within this field and the process of selling this precious metal in a fast and efficient manner.

They offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all purchase, and are known for their excellent customer support.

Visit Website:

4. CashforGold Co

Cash for Gold Co are one of the longest standing businesses in the gold buying industry; they were incorporated over 50 years ago, and have a dependable reputation.

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Although they don’t have any physical stores, they do insure your package up to $1,000.

Visit Website:

5. is the only one on our list to offer a 110% price match guarantee, and they additionally have a 10 day satisfaction guarantee. These factors alone mean that is certainly a stand out company. However they only insure packages up to $500, and will accept no less than a package worth $50.

They provide an extremely fast turnaround, and their customer support is repeatedly referred to as trustworthy in consumer reviews.

Visit website:

You should by now have a good understanding as to what the top 5 gold buyers out there can offer you, however it is still advisable to get quotes from as many companies as possible when it comes to selling your valuable metals.

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  • MillyM

    I’ve never really trust the idea of shipping my gold to someone and accepting their weight and sending me a check. I know a lot of people use these companies, but it feels like I lose a lot of control in the process. It would be useful for people who do not know where else to sell their old jewelry, or do not wish to work with pawnshops due to their predatory nature.

    • IloveGold

      I understand your gripe and I agree. It is very hard to go through with this type of method for selling off your old gold jewelry or any gold for that matter. I have constantly been paranoid to sell it off too. This is why I get a friend of mine to melt down the jewelry I own and then I go and get it appraised to see what the worth would be. If none of the sites offer a price it was appraised for, I will just sell it elsewhere.

  • joel

    I have some gold lying around my collection and I’ve considered selling it off to make some cash. I haven’t had much money as of late so I am looking into sites to sell gold. I’m just paranoid when it comes to selling anything like this online.

  • Tasha

    I’ve sold my gold on ExpressGoldCash before and I got a nice amount from them. They’re my favorite on the list by far. I checked out a couple of the other sites, and those are also quite good, but I prefer ExpressGoldCash over them all. Thanks for the list though. :)

  • bear

    I’ve been thinking of selling off most of my gold and old jewelry. I figure most of the jewelry I own can be melted down and I can gain some extra money on that. Do all of these sites offer up different prices? I imagine they all have different prices per ounce.

  • Lori

    All great sites worthy of checking into. I agree with the list too, #1 Empire Gold Buyers is by far the best on the list. I’ve sold off gold with them before in the past and the money I’ve made from them has been very helpful. I have looked at prices for each of the sites on the list and they too offer good pay. They’re all worth looking into.