Top 6 Gold Bullion Brands On The Market

If you’re deciding on which company you should choose for your gold bullion, then the array of choices can be overwhelming.

In this article we look at the most popular companies, and what they can offer you.

1. Johnson Matthey

Instated all the way back in 1851, Johnson Matthey is steeped in history and experience, today they are regarded as the official refinery of the Bank of England. [Read more...]

15 Interesting Facts About Gold You Didn’t Know

Gold is a popular choice for the investor of today, but there are many things that make it rather fascinating subject.

In this article we’ll look at 15 interested and equally surprising facts about this precious metal.

Fact 1

It is thought that gold was probably the first metal that the human race used in making items. There have been items found that date all the way back to 4000 BC that appear to be gold ornaments.

This is particularly staggering as it means that the gold age actually crosses over with what is thought to be the Stone Age. [Read more...]

What Is Spot Gold And How To Get It?

Spot gold is available on professional gold marketplaces; it is where traders buy and sell this precious metal at immediate prices which are paid there and then.

When it is referred to it is not to be thought of as a physical location; it should be regarded as a stock market, a virtual market place. [Read more...]

How and Where To Store Your Precious Metals Investments

How and Where To Store Your Precious Metals InvestmentsChoice of where to store your precious metal investments is an extremely important decision, and not one that should be taken lightly. In this guide we talk through some of the options you have in how and where to store your precious metals.

The main decision you have to make is whether you wish to store you investment yourself, or find a third party that specializes in precious metal storage.

If you opt for the later, you must be 100% sure that they are reliable and trustworthy, and that they can allow you access whenever you require it. [Read more...]

The Layman’s Guide To 1000 Dollar Bill

The Layman's Guide To 1000 Dollar BillThe $1,000 dollar bill is something that very few people will see let alone own in their lifetime; and even if they do, they may have a little trouble spending it as outlets will struggle to confirm whether the note is genuine or not.

The Important History

The bill itself features Grover Cleveland (the 22nd and 24th U.S. President, who served from 1885 to 89, and 1893 to 97 respectively. The wording (unsurprisingly) states “One Thousand Dollars” and has seen three different designs.

It was first printed as a small Federal Reserve note in 1918, 1934 and 1934A; its second print in 1928 and 1934 saw the bill turned into a gold style certificate; as of 2009 there were 165,372 $1,000 dollar bills in circulation, a surprisingly high figure for such a high value note. [Read more...]

Reviews of American Bullion Company With BBB And Trustlink Ratings

Reviews of American Bullion Company With BBB And Trustlink Ratings

American Bullion states that they are the prime gold experts, and a trusted leader within the world of investment. They additional provide precious metal investment, as well as a range of retirement plans. They state that they are experts in IRA conversion and the conversions of 401k plans into precious metal investment.

They pride themselves on providing extremely secure delivery of their customers gold or precious metal investment. [Read more...]