Do Trailer Tires Need To Be Balanced? Answer Revealed!

In simple terms, a trailer is a vehicle without any power as it only provides the cargo space but not the cab. As a result, it is used to keep bulky goods as per the capacity of the trailer, and the driver’s cab then is attached to it for moving. It is more like a towing mechanism, in other words. For your safety on the road, you should not only invest on the best truck tires for towing but also take care of your trailer tires. Nowadays, most people express their concern regarding do trailer tires need to be balanced, since it is a big heavy vehicle. For the same, we are here to explain to you if tire balancing is necessary. Let’s move on to that.

Do Trailer Tires Need To Be Balanced: Is It Really Necessary?

This is the question clattering all around where everyone wants to ask is should trailer tires be balanced, is it really worth it. For the answer, we need to understand how the trailer works and what its fundamental responsibility is.

The primary job of a trailer is to support that load that is in there rather than making a perfect gripping with the automobile or the cab section. This is a case different from the cars where it requires balancing to make the passengers inside feel comfortable and even ride. But since there are goods in the trailer rather than any passenger, the tires don’t have to be balanced.

This way, even when the tires are not balanced, the driver would feel a slight vibration, bumps every time the trailer would go through the potholes or so. However, there is no rule of thumb when it comes to balancing the tires. It depends on various factors, such as when the trailer needs special care itself or if there is valuable material inside.

When a driver wants to experience a smoother ride, he can consider balancing the tires; otherwise, it is okay to carry on a fairly treated trailer.

Do trailer tires need to be balanced

Feeling trailer throwing weight while driving is common

So What Factors Do Contribute With Balancing A Trailer?

As we have stated previously that in some cases, a container needs to be balanced. There are a few factors that help you make the decision about do trailer tires need to be balanced.

When your wheels are not galvanized, you can consider balancing the tires. When the steel wheel is hot-dipped, it makes the zinc to accumulate on one point rather than the equal distribution. This makes it impossible to balance the galvanized wheels, but these wheels are a choice of many since they are rust-resistant.

So if you have galvanized wheels, you don’t have to make them balanced else you can proceed. If one is dubious about the trailer tires if they are galvanized or not, the information can easily be covered by the trailer manufacturer or wheel manufacturer. You can also opt for any nearby trailer service center if you don’t want to go with the officials. They would also let you know about do you need to balance trailer tires.

Another factor is that if you have a trailer that is small, fragile, premium, and in total needs to be taken care of, you should consider balancing the tires. Choosing the best RV trailer tires would bestow your trailer a prolonged life and quality ride every time.

do you need to balance trailer tires

Galvanized wheel can’t be balanced due to zinc accumulating factor

The Challenges with Balancing the Trailer Tires

Almost every trailer owner experiences the need to balance the tires. Since the trailer tends to throw weights during the ride. This throwing of weight happens because it is very natural for a trailer that is empty or loaded with tons of weights.

So when the bumps, pots, or any uneven surface comes along the way, the trailer does throw weight, and this makes the overall drive somewhat rough, and you end up questioning if you should balance the tires. However, looking up to the experts for some maintenance tips about the trailer, the problem of throwing weights can be controlled.

Even when you go with balancing the tires, the first difficulty you face because of the most automotive service centers. Most of these centers do not comprise a proper wheel balancing machine. Hence there is always an issue with adjusting or finding the right service center.

Most trailer wheels are a lug centric design. And, many automotive service centers use the balancer that works well on hub centric wheels instead of lug centric wheels. So this is another reason that makes the balancing trailer tires problematic. However, you can solve the problem by making use of the adapter. It properly balance the wheels by using the same balancer.

balancing trailer tires

Professional balancer centers balance the trailer tires

Wrapping Up

The final answer is that you can have the tire balancing mechanism if you feel like you should. Else you can have your trailer out of balance, and it still will complete the job. Until your trailer needs special care, such as the one that you use for road trip purposes, it is okay to go unbalanced with the trailer. While ending here, we hope we have answered your curiosity about do trailer tires need to be balanced; in case of doubt, opt for the professional repairer.

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