10 Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs Out There

1. Consumerist.com

10 Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs Out There

The Consumerist is an entertaining and engaging blog that covers just about every topic for the savvy consumer. They encourage their readers to get in touch with their consumer woes, who are then advised as to how best address their issue. Notably The Consumerist are part of a not-for-profit company, meaning that they are completely independent and able to provide advice that you can trust.

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2. MoneySavingMom.com


MoneySavingMom Crystal Paine provides advice on everything from grocery budgeting to low costs home maintenance. She initially shared some advice on another blog, from which she received so many questions and messages that she decided to start her own.

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A few years on MoneySavingMom has over 107,000 Twitter followers and 441,000 fans on Facebook.

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3. WiseBread.com


The Wise Bread Blog is a markedly different personal finance blog, unique because it is a community based platform.

Their ethos is that enjoying life can be achieved on any budget. As such, they provide guidance on enjoying the finer things in life, whilst maintaining that all important bank balance.

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4. TheKrazyCouponLady.com

The Krazy Coupon Lady, otherwise known as Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer, are two mothers from Idaho who started their blog to share their experiences of coupon collecting and working from home. They claim to be able to help anyone cut their household grocery bill by a staggering 50-90%.

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5. IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com

I will teach you to be rich is ran by Ramit Sethi, who guides people in their quest to be become rich. Initially targeted towards students and recent graduates, Ramit now provides advice that is applicable to all. His blog boasts notably nods of approval from the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

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6. GetRichSlowly.com

The Get Rich Slowly Blog features all manner of advice on everything from mortgages to credit cards and bank accounts.

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Founded by J.D. Roth following his experience with debt and the mountainous task of getting out of it, The Get Rich Slowly blog has recently been listed by Money Magazine as most inspiring money blog.

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7. MoneyCrashers.com

The MoneyCrashers blog is another community blog offering, with the aim of financial education for all.  The blog emphasises 11 so-called financial principals to live by:

  1. Always spend less than you make.
  2. Do not believe in money myths.
  3. Get out of debt and stay out of debt.
  4. Save money for the unexpected.
  5. Student loans are not the only answer. Be resourceful and open-minded.
  6. Find creative ways to boost your income.
  7. Invest for the long-term and keep it simple.
  8. Educate yourself about real estate, cars, and financial products.
  9. Avoid scams and financial predators.
  10. If you have a spouse or partner, treat this person as a teammate!
  11. If you achieve financial success, give back. It helps others and feels great.

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8. MoneyNing.com

MoneyNing is a blog that is based on the simplistic notion of increasing your income, and saving more of it. They define themselves as helping people overcome debt, demonstrating how to build wealth and illustrating the real life impacts of financial decisions.

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9. MoneyTalksNews.com

MoneyTalksNews is the last in our list that focuses upon community, however it is of a notably different assortment, that provides frequent videos, and even a weekly webcast. Tune in on Thursdays at 9pm est.

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10. 5DollarDinners.com

$5Dinners is the brain child of Erin chase, and began from her principal of never spending more than $5 on a dinner for her family. Her blog provides a seemingly never ending list of recipes for the frugal minded person, and features coupons for everything from Tupperware to Cosco.

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