What Are The Best Gold Ira Companies And Custodians Out There?

best gold ira companies

When considering your options for gold IRA investment it is easy to feel overwhelmed. In this guide we look at the 5 best gold IRA companies, and what they can offer you.

If you have chosen a Gold IRA, then the first step in a worthwhile investment is choosing the most suitable, and effective IRA custodian.

With a wide range of services offered by investment companies however, it can be difficult to pinpoint who can help.

The following companies are the ones that you should be looking to, and whilst considering your options, bear in mind the varying fees, as well as their reputation for customer service.

1. Regal Assets

Located in Burbank, California, Regal Assets is a highly reputable company that deals in precious metals, and have been established for, in excess of, 50 years. Regal Assets offer

The company has been featured in both Forbes magazine and 500 magazine in 2013.

Priding themselves on outstanding customer service, Regal Assets set themselves apart from the crowd by providing a 7 day delivery guarantee. They are also renowned for the quality of their investment advisors, who are credited as being the most informed and attentive in the industry.

Check out my review of this company in here: The Truth About Regal Assets Gold Revealed In This Review

Regal Assets set themselves apart from the competition by offering a $0 for the rollover, transfer and storage fees. They are also renowned as having superior pricing, and are highly respected, and recommended within the industry.

This company has 266 positive reviews on TrustLink.org

Regal Assets offer the rollover of existing IRA or 401k into physical gold and silver IRAs. They state that having a Gold IRA represents a retirement option that is both safe and secure from market volatility.

Finally Regal Assets are also accredited with super low fees and competitive pricing across the board.

2. Capital Gold Group

With many years worth of experience in the investment industry, Capital Gold Group boasts excellent customer service, in addition to being a trusted custodian company. This is emphasised by the fact that in 2013, there have been no complaints whatsoever lodged.

3. Merit Gold & Silver

Third in the running of our top companies is Merit Gold and Silver. This company also boasts a relatively long history in investments, having been established for over 2 decades. They are considered as being an extremely competitively priced option when considering which company to plump for.

4. Morgan gold

This company, which is located in Irvine, California, have undertaken an impressive 1 billion dollars worth of gold investment. Additionally, they specialise in IRA rollovers, as well as 401k investments.

Morgan Gold also works in partnership with Self Directed IRA Services in the setting up of IRA and 401k retirement options.

5. Lexi Capital

Our fifth and final option is Lexi Capital. Whilst they are a relative newcomer in terms of investment companies, they have, in their short time running, become known for a reliable reputation.

Priding themselves in top quality customer service, as well as offering a wide range of investments, Lexi Capital may be a worthwhile consideration.

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