Valuable Materials Used in Auto Manufacturing

Everyone must have heard about different parts that make up a new car like transmission, seats, engine, and so on. But, very few are actually aware and pay attention towards the type of material used in their manufacturing.

To add on, car manufacturers use several different types of valuable materials like glass, aluminum, polymers, and many others, with the aim to build better and safer cars. However, over the years, the matter of the element used in the car manufacturing has undergone a slight change, which directly affects the weight and mileage of the car. To study the different materials used in automotive manufacturing nowadays, let’s comprehend them in detail.

List of Valuable Materials Used in Cars

These days’ manufacturers are using the mixture of materials in order to make a car strong and light at the same time. With so many different types of materials, here is the list of all those elements (describing their strengths and usage) that you can easily find in your new or used cars.

1. Glass

With glass usage in many areas of the car like windshields, side-view, and rear mirrors, its cousin fiberglass is used in some of the vehicles as an insulation material. This unsung hero of automotive manufacturing called the glass is actually nowadays has gained a lot more value because of its use in other things. For instance, it is used in the manufacturing of lenses for backup cameras to get better visibility, and in the creation of navigation, screens to protect it from outer-dust.

2. Steel

Different types of valuable materials

Some of the valuable materials used in cars

Next one of the most valuable materials is the Steel that comes in varied grades. This not so costly metal is actually used to manufacture 80% of the car. Some of the most common car’s components like wheels, exhaust, brakes, chassis, and engine, use steel. Besides this, it has great properties like, strong, light, and cheap. This makes steel metal one of the most common and widely used raw material in the manufacturing of the car.

3. Aluminum

The usage of this material nowadays in the car has increased from 2% to 15%. This is because aluminium is lightweight and is quite flexible in nature. Its properties like anti-rust material have also reduced the use of iron and steel in the vehicle. For example, the metal called aluminium has replaced iron or steel in the manufacturing of engine blocks.

4. Leather

The main reason behind leather being too costly is that it is obtained from animal skin. And, its refinement creates a hole in the businessman pocket. That is why high-spec cars usually have accessories made of leather. However, many car-manufacturing companies are shifting towards the use of artificial leather-like Artico nowadays. This is mainly due to the financial, practical, and ethical causes.

Most common valuable materials

Know about the manufacturing valuable materials

Hope, after knowing about the valuable materials usage, you can easily make your purchase of new or used cars. As you can compare different vehicles based on the amount of raw material used in them.

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