20 Cool Videos of Gold and Silver Bullion Coins Collections

1. User Nirvanboom

2. User Gruppenfuhrer0

3. User Bobby D

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4. User Thebumproject

5. User Silver Guy

6. User Guseva1

7. User Myparrots1

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8. User Ted Williams

9. User Bc5620

10. User Shaolin811

11. User BuildingWithBullion

12. User Carpo719

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13. User Lagoveride

14. User Habano Karlos


15. User Lucky43113


16. User SilverMapleLeafs

17. User Sithmaul99


18. User Silversing69

What do you say? Did you like these videos? Let me know in the comments. Thanks.

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  • Johanna Davis

    I’ve only recently become interested in possibly starting a bullion collection, and I never knew there was such a large number of ‘show off your gold’ videos on YouTube. I guess you call videos like these ‘gold porn!’ It’s pretty incredible!

    So far my favorite is Bobby D with his 10 ounce Suisse 999 fine gold bullion, with the goddess on the back. It’s really a fine looking piece. I like the fact that many of the people in the videos are actually holding the gold pieces. It allows me to see just how big each piece is.

  • Guillermo

    Hi Anthony — The Ted Williams video was good because he gives you the exact names of the coins, plus he tells you why he purchased some of them. As a novice I was sitting here taking notes from what he was saying. It’s one thing to read a book, but it’s better when you have an actual collector explain why he purchased certain pieces. I’ve never seen the “America the Beautiful” 5oz coins. Those suckers are HUGE! I’m off to check them out now. I think they’d make a good Christmas present.

    Thanks for collecting these!

  • Aaron in Atlanta

    I’ve gone through a few of the videos and I’m noticing some of the same pieces in a few different collections. It’s good to see what’s popular.

    BuildingWithBuillion had some religious looking coins I’ve never seen before. But since he was totally silent (with white gloves… mime style) I didn’t know what they were. If someone could explain, I’d really appreciate it. They looked like they had some Hebrew writing and a colored picture on the back. One of them said King David. Help with identifying these would be appreciated.

  • Mikey

    I’ve been following Silversing69 for almost a year now. This mintage and pricing video is good. The first time I saw it I fell in love with the Gold Libertad. Unfortunately I didn’t have the funds to buy it back then. Since I last viewed this video, the price has shifted even more. So there’s no longer a $20 difference between the Maple Leaf and the Libertad, like he originally stated. It’s now more like a $200 difference, lol. As my wife always says, “When you’re slow, you blow.” No worries though. I’ve got my eye on a few other things. Happy stacking!

  • Dan

    You’ve put together a nice selection of videos here. Silver Guy and The Bump Project have sizable stacks. I plan on starting my own silver stack soon. In the meantime I’ve been watching other peoples videos to see which direction I should be headed in.

    Just a suggestion, I like Stack Silverson’s video called Silver Stacking for Dummies. It gave me a great overview of how to get started without spending a fortune. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyW01reSjQQ.

    I also like Do You Have a Silver Exit Plan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv_Op_Br08A). I like the idea of building, but I also want to know how to get out if I need too. Anyway, keep of the good work, my friend.

  • danielle

    wow, i was never into numismatics, but it’s fascinating to see so many pretty shiny things, collected by really passionate people!

  • jim

    really liked silversing’s videos when i first saw them! happy i discovered this list, now i can watch more videos like these! i always liked coins and money, but i never got into it more than looking at other people’s collections.

  • mirela

    wow, they are all so organized! i wish i could organize my makeup like they organize their coins xD love the videos! my kid has started collecting coins, so i’ll have to show him these!

  • raquelle

    Knew about the silver guy and thumbproject, and I’ve been looking for similar videos but I couldn’t find good quality ones! Thanks for the list, it’s so useful! Time to ravage these guys’ video archives!

  • dan

    damn, this must be such an expensive hobby! it’s nice to see a glimpse into their world, but seriously, don’t those coins kinda go against their purpose and eat their money up? XD it’s fascinating, but i don’t understand it. guess everyone needs to collect something, and not everyone will understand, yknow?

  • Chantelle Clark

    I used to collect coins and actually still have the collection packed away in a box somewhere! Mine was nowhere near as extensive as these guys/gals, and definitely not in Gold Bullion either. I was one for collecting coins from other countries, like the Shilling, Pence, or Arab Emirates Coins. Not sure why I took a fascination in this type of collecting, but I can definitely say that it was interesting at the time and can understand why these guys/gals actually collect coins that have great value/worth.

    I found the videos to offer up some guidance in knowing what type of coins to collect and what to start looking for as a beginner collector in this type of coin. Overall, these people must be so proud to have what they do have – and so organized too!

  • Amy W.

    I found that looking at the collections to be interesting, and I was intrigued by the different types of coins, but I don’t think I would actually ever have the patience to collect coins such as these guys. It must take a lot of persistence, and a good chunk of money to get started in it.

    So what’s the point in doing this? Is it just for show, and for the excitement of collecting? It seems like it would be a pretty expensive hobby to get into. I am just wondering if people do it just strictly for the feeling of accomplishment when filling out a collection, or if it is for the sales later down the road when they make money back on it?

    I think though that if I spent that much money and time on such a collection, I wouldn’t ever be selling it.

  • Kyle G.

    It never really occurred to me that there would be so many people out there who would take enjoyment in actually youtubing their collections. I know that there are a lot of people out collect coins, although I’ve never really come across anyone, but I guess this type of collecting would take years and a good chunk of money to complete sets.

    I enjoyed watching these videos and just wonder how many of these people are truly collecting for the sake of it, or are collecting based on possible viable investments. Overall though, quite interesting!

  • Kirk Patrick

    I think out of all the videos that I watched, I liked the first one the best. I really enjoyed seeing the Pandas, and Gold Eagles – they are absolutely beautiful and look like they fit perfectly into your hand. I especially love the casings that they are in – illustrates them perfectly.

    I’ve never been one to actually get into the coin collecting, but have seen some interesting and really cool coins throughout my days that others have collected while traveling, or through various mints. I think it’s a pretty cool hobby to get into if you enjoy the time it takes to complete sets.

    Not a bad idea either if you’re into investing.

  • Dale T.

    Oh to be a collector again. Well not actually, but to see these collections brings me back to when I used to follow the markets for the most popular pieces. There are some really nice, finely crafted ones in these sets that anyone would want to get their hands on.

    Just seeing some of these collections makes me want to hit up Youtube and see what else I can find. I didn’t realize that so many people actually displayed their collections for the world to see through a music platform.

    Thanks for sharing! I think I might just bust out my old collection and see where I was at way back in the day. Inspiring, very inspiring.

  • L. Slattery

    So cool!

    My father was a coin collector and left me his collection. Thanks to him I now own some beautiful and uncommon coins but my collection doesn’t come close to any of these. I’d love to own some of these – nothing quite compares to the look and feel of real silver and gold.

  • Heather H Beare

    Great selection of videos. Some of these guys have simply awe-inspiring collections.

    Gold and silver coins are interesting in that they’re not only collectible but also investments in and of themselves. I can’t imagine the cost but at least they’re able to see exactly where their money is at all times… More than I can say for my own investments.

  • GreenGirl

    I like seeing how carefully people handle their collections. You can really tell they have a lot of pride for their coins – and for good reason! If these were mine I’d also be wearing clean gloves and keeping my coins and billions locked up tight when I wasn’t admiring them.

  • Katie Domingo

    I think I may have been a pirate or something in a past life. I really love the feel of gold and silver coins! I want a collection like this someday! I love all the different designs and sizes. It definitely makes collecting a lot more interesting when there’s so much variety.

  • Erik SK

    How does one get started in gold and silver bullion and coins? I keep hearing how it’s a smart and relatively safe investment but I have no idea where to begin.

    I’ll have to do some research on my own… I’m definitely curious and I’m looking for new investment options.

    • balula

      o You can visit your local mint website and purchase on line or go to any

  • Tim Cowans

    Some of these collections are just astounding! I remember a decade or so ago everyone was saying buy gold because the economy is going to collapse and all that…while those things never really came to fruition, I can see a few of these guys really took it to heart and got their gold on. Economics aside, gold really does look pretty cool and I can understand why this is a great hobby for some people.

  • Emily

    I was surprised that nobody here had any of those physical Bitcoins that are minted from gold or silver – I know if I was a collector that would be one of the first things going into my stash.

    You can really tell some of these guys are super into their coins, even wearing gloves to protect against any blemishes. I just appreciate them taking the time to build up their collection and share it with us :)

  • Joey Falk

    Ted Williams has a really neat bunch of coins. If you have your sound on for the video, you can hear the excitement in his voice talking about them which just makes it all that more entertaining. These videos make me want to delve into coin collecting on my own actually, maybe I’ll head over to the local coin shop and see what they recommend for beginner’s since I don’t know a thing about this stuff yet.

  • Henry

    Anthony, you really seem to have a wonderful grasp on coin collector videos. Do you have any Youtube channels you recommend that I subscribe to?

    Usually when I find videos of coin collections they are very grainy and have no audio so it is difficult to even get an idea of what it is I am looking at. Thank you for the taking the time to put this collection together for us!

  • Jonathan

    What is your favorite video here? I liked the pandas that thebumpproject showed (but that is just due to my personal obsession with pandas probably)!

    Silvermapleleafs was very entertaining in his video, but boy he sure knows how to get political. It makes sense though, maybe a lot of the guys that collect gold do so not just as a hobby but for pure financial reasons…since printing FIAT is not going to get this country anywhere positive in the long run.

  • Maggie

    Those are all really great. I sat here and watched everyone of them!

  • Tracy

    This is a great collection. If you turn up the volume, you’ll really hear the passion in Tim’s voice when he’s talking. I collect international coins but I;m a novice compared to this guy.

  • DonaldG

    As a collector, I did not even
    realize that you could damage the
    exterior sheen of a coin just from the low grade acidic oils on your fingers.
    Will start wearing gloves like these guys!

  • anon

    I realize that ounce for ounce, Gold
    is the most valuable currency but you’re at the mercy of the market. Buy at one
    price today and as soon as the market turns you lose a sizable chunk of your
    investment. Great hobbie though, but a
    little too rich for my blood.!

  • hoolio1973

    My husband travels a lot and he always brings local coins back. I
    started filling up a jewellery box and it’s like a giant treasure chest!

  • Erica

    Its so amazing to see such care when
    handling the collections. I personally would not have the patience.

  • DennisR

    Awesome collections! How do people
    afford this? So cool!

  • doit3timeS

    Seeing all these coins really ignites my ADD. I just want to count them
    and polish them and do it all over again.

  • IPGeniis

    § Curious to know, people that invest in gold bullion and coins and stuff…
    if there was an apocalypse or a war ect.where would you cash these in? Why do
    people always say gold is good in the event of an emergency?

  • LamilaM

    Nice collection of videos! Learned a few
    things too!