Where To Buy 24K Gold Bullions And Bars? (1 oz, 10 oz, 20 oz, 1 kg)

You Are Looking For A Reputable Dealer Of Precious Metals, Right?

The one I recommend has been featured in both Forbes magazine and 500 magazine in 2013. The company has 266 positive reviews on TrustLink.org and it is called Regal Assets.

You can check out client testimonials in here.

Where To Buy 24K Gold Bullions And Bars? (1 oz, 10 oz, 20 oz, 1 kg)

Read The Reviews And Decide For Yourself


I know you will be satisfied with your purchase. You can read review of this company in here: The Truth About Regal Assets Gold Revealed In This Review


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  • JoeJohnson

    A friend of mine (whose an avid gold collector) suggested I buy some Gold American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs to start my portfolio. Over the course of a day I called no fewer than 7 precious metals dealers. I also emailed 3 others on eBay. After 24 hours, only one of the dealers had answered all of my questions and then some. It was Regal Assets.

    Quite frankly I was shocked by the lack of customer service by these sellers. For such a pricey investment, I’d assume that these guys would be falling all over themselves to get more customers, but that’s not the case.

    Lots of these precious metals dealers talk the talk, but when it comes to customer service, very few walk the walk like Regal Assets. I would recommend them all day, every day.

  • Soren Schaeffer

    I just checked out the Regal Assets website. It looks like they have all the usual suspects in the coin and bullion circle. But I noticed they also sell platinum and palladium, which you don’t see at all precious metals dealers. I also like that they deliver within 7 days. The last dealer I purchased from — who shall remain nameless — took almost a month to deliver the goods. To say that I was angry would be an understatement. I was giving away bullion coins for Christmas and they basically ruined the surprise. With all these good reviews I’ll definitely give Regal Assets a try. If their service is as good as it looks, they’re going to have a long time customer.

  • Martin

    You really do have to be very careful about where you buy 24K gold bullion and bars. A few years ago I found a dealer who’s prices were comfortably close to spot. Probably a little too comfortable, lol! I suppose my radar should have gone off, but I was just thinking I’d found the deal of the century, and purchased a couple of ounces as a test run.

    This was when I just started out so I didn’t do any proper background checks on the dealer. As you might imagine, the story didn’t end well. The dealer was selling fake gold and I got taken. From that point on I specifically started looking for dealers that had great ratings and were listed with the BBB for a number of years. I’ve purchased from Regal Assets before and I’ve been very pleased with their attention to service and delivery time. They are definitely one of the stand up companies in this arena.

  • Alden

    Anthony, I’m a first time gold investor and I really enjoyed that video. The part about the loaves of bread really drove home the point home as to why it’s so important to invest in gold now and hold on to your investment for years to come. It made perfect sense to me. Now I just have to make sure it makes perfect sense to my wife, the stock buy-and-hold fanatic. Either way, I’m definitely going with Regal. Their feedback is great.

  • Seth Haymon

    I never knew there was such a thing as a gold IRA account. Even though you can only have certain types of precious metals in your IRA portfolio, the more I look at it the more I realize that it’s an excellent way to hedge against a falling dollar and get tangible assets in your hand.

    I just ordered the free gold IRA kit from Regal Assets, so I’m excited to see everything. In the meantime, I think I’ll call them to see how they handle my barrage of questions!

  • Rick

    Very well put together list, I admire that. However, I head that gold isn’t the best thing to invets in due to its poor return rates, and that gold’s return rates have been above the minimal only in the past couple of yours. What do you think about this?

  • Bailey

    Veyr nice article, mate! I really like how you put together stuff that will help people learn by themselves. Spoon feeding is bad in investment! I plan on buying some gold to keep me warm on bad days (haha), so I gave this a very thorough read. Cheers!

  • Bailey

    I’ve had good and bad encounters with metal deals. Some of these people don’t know business. They forget to return calls…or aren’t upfront. In the end, I think I’ll take the beaten path and buy from Regal.

  • Chris Harthorne

    Like Seth, i never knew there was a gold IRA. I’ll need to check into that further. The reviews sound good, but I can’t help but think that satisfied users will be much more vocal than those disappointed. Whatever, I guess I’ll just have to see for myself. It’s either this or stocks, and this seems less….volatile.

  • James C. Young

    I am very pleased with Regal Assets. Buying gold from them made me feel more secure in my financial stability!

  • Chantelle Clark

    The process was quick and easy and it was a pleasure working with Collin Plume! Creating an IRA roll over account with the precious metals was dealt in a very professional and informed manner. The roll over process from my existing IRA account was easy and once the paper work was processed, all they needed was a signature. Not to mention that the service was handled extremely quickly, and assisted me with all of my questions! It was all processed perfectly, and I haven’t regretted my choice in choosing them to assist me in my gold investments.

    I found that the suggestions that were given to me were extremely helpful in helping me decide in what I wanted to invest – and turned out to be amazing advice. One of the best places to go if you’re considering getting into the gold investment market.

  • Justin H.

    Since this was my first time experiencing previous metal investments, it was exciting, but also terrifying. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing, and knew that it was something that I had done some research in but wasn’t 100% sure and almost backed out.

    However, Christian was assigned to my account and he was patient with me, supportive, and even was willing to help educate me on the entire experience and what went along with it. I was in constant contact with the team, and was updated consistently with where my account was.

    I would give them a rating of 5 stars, as their service, and knowledge was excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get into the market.

  • Kevin T.

    I would say that if you are worried about the US and the future of the financial economy in the United States and elsewhere, with regards to the printing of money (the increase of inflation), the rising stock market for a country that is in a welfare state, then you should look towards precious metals as an investment. This, amongst other reasons, is why I started researching into precious metal investments, because when the currency ceases to exist due to financial economic issues, precious metals are going to be the next best thing.

    After doing my research on Regal Assets, I contacted them and was assigned to Christian Howard. I was educated on how to switch to this type of investment, and was taken through the rollover process with ease. When pressing problems cropped up, they were swiftly answered by Christian’s team, and no question or problem was left unresolved.

    I am fully satisfied with my investment and have great confidence that you will be too.

  • Eric

    My phone calls were promptly returned, all documentation was sent via e-mail which made the process ever more easier, and I was treated in a very professional, thorough, and informative way. Thus this made the rollover process a breeze and am extremely happy with their excellent customer service.

    When it came to purchasing my precious metals, Christian was honest and forthcoming about his recommendations on what would provide me with the best value for my dollar. Thus this gave me a lot of confidence in them as a firm.

    When I researched different agencies, I found that Regal Assets had the most reputable testimonials, and reviews from previous customers and therefore makes me very pleased with my decision to go with them.

  • Katie L.

    The team at Regal Assets are just amazing. They were wonderful when dealing with me as I knew nothing when it came to investing in metals and once the team knew this, they proceeded to walk me through the steps that were needed to complete the process of a rollover metal IRA. They were patient with every single question that I had for them, and there was never any pressure from them.

    I would recommend them to anyone as the team work was impeccable, and the patience well needed for a new investor like me. I guess my next endeavor will be coin collecting as a hobby – another sparked interest by these guys.

  • Zach

    odd…all the comments are exactly 5 months old, they all speak glowingly of regal, and this site appears to be another regal-owned site that is pretending to provide legitimate, unbiased and impartial gold ira dealer reviews. why can’t google get on top of fake review sites like goldiracompaniesreview.com, goldiracustodians.org, imfsite.org and others? These sites pretend to be legit review sites but they are all owned by one company. The pretend to give impartial reviews to other companies but always end each piece with a heavily biased review in favor of their own company. This seems immoral, unethical, manipulative, artificial and just wrong.

  • Zach

    oh my comment has to be approved, how surprising. I am staying on top of this regal, get ready.