8 Best Jewelry Stores You Can Trust

This article explores some of the most famous and trusted jewelry brands in existence.

1. Tiffany

The first entry on our list will come as no surprise to those that are even slightly knowledgably in the precious metals world. Tiffany were established in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany, they are now known to be a very exclusive (and expensive) store. Their iconic pale blue green boxes are a symbol of jewelry quality across continents.

Visit the Tiffany website: tiffany.com

2. Cartier

Similarly to Tiffany, Cartier has a reputation for quality that precedes them. Whilst their price tags are also out of most peoples reach, there range of products is undeniably beautiful. Their stance on design, in their own words, is timeless elegance.

Visit the Cartier website: cartier.us

3. Paiget

Established in 1874, Paiget started life out as a humble watch maker earning a living by producing truly beautiful and intricate pieces. Today Paiget are known as a truly global brand, operating in over 12 countries.

Visit the Paiget website: piaget.com/jewelry

4. Swarovski 

Swarovski is often associated with its high profile celebrity associations. Anyone that knows about this company understands that their marketing budget must be pretty phenomenal.

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The company is normal associated with diamonds, however their business basis is actually founded in cut glass, and stretches back to an Australian beginning in 1895. Swarovski make for the brand that sits between unaffordable for most, and averagely priced.

Visit the Swarovski  website: swarovski.com

5. De Beers

De Beers are jewelers that specialize in diamonds.  In their own words they form beautiful pieces of jewelry by combing “science and poetry”. Their impressive range includes rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and a men’s jewelry line.

Visit the De Beers website: debeers.com

6. Fred Meyer Jewelers

This jewelers represents the first in our list that would be considered as more mainstream, and as such, more suitable for the average person’s wallet!

Fred Meyer Jewelers have been in business for 40 years, and in that time have expanded to over 375 stores nationwide. Not only do they stock a huge range of jewelry, but additionally they offer services such as cleaning and repairing.

Visit the Fred Meyer Jewelers website: fredmeyerjewelers.com

7. Ross Simmons

The Ross Simmons Jewelers are one of the biggest stockists, in terms of jewelry range, on our list. Whilst they value quality, it is clear that Ross Simmons also understands affordability.

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The brand has only recently expanded further; they now have 12 stores, after 9 were opened all together in August 2013.

Visit the Ross Simmons Website: ross-simons.com

8. Zales

The last in our list is Zales. We thought it only fair that whilst we demonstrated some of the most expensive diamond specialists in the market, that we also show you one of the most affordable. The Zales range truly stocks something for everyone s budget.

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Zales are additionally part of a group of companies that each pertain to separate parts of the jewelry market. With the brands being: Gordon’s Jewelers, Peoples, Zales Outlet, Mappins and Piercing Pagoda.

Visit the Zales website: zales.com

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