Top 9 Sites For Small Business Tips And Ideas

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for a while and are looking for a bit of inspiration, there are some websites that you just shouldn’t ignore. This article tells you about the best websites out there for small businesses.


Top 9 Sites For Small Business Tips And Ideas

If you haven’t heard of TED Videos… then where have you been? You’ve missed out on so much, but don’t worry, all their videos stay on their site for your browsing pleasure.

TED talks offer a wide range of videos that feature speakers talking about various topics; from motivational speakers, to strategists and social media gurus.

Check out the TED website here:

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Whilst LinkedIn is firmly in the Social Media Realm, it can also serve as an amazing platform for small business tips, tricks and ideas.

Why don’t you follow some of the most inspirational people who share their invaluable advice?

You should also do a little research and find out what LinkedIn groups will be useful to you in taking your company forward.

Visit LinkedIn here:

3. Mint Life (From Mint)

Mint Life is an excellent blog that provides advice in relation to finance.

Mint helps any company in streamlining their practices to become more cost effective. It enables you to manage all your finances in one place. They additionally offer free software that helps you in your financial planning.

Visit the Mint Life Blog here:


This website offers the latest facts and figures that are of relevance to small businesses. Their website focusses on interactivity and is accredited with various business awards.

Visit the Website here:

5. Launch While Working

If you’re currently managing your small business whilst working and wondering whether the times right to go full time, then this website is for you. It will provide you with all the advice and guidance you need to make what can be a scary transition.

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For those that are already focusing solely on their business, this website has some wonderful blog articles and videos for you to draw inspiration from.

Visit the Launch while working website here:

6. Inc.

Inc. is a fantastic online magazine that is essential for any small business owner. Their ethos is about offering the small business owner everything needed to start and grow a company.

Visit the Inc. website:


Score is an amazing online resource for any small company. Not only do they offer extensive online articles, videos, tips and tricks, but they actually provide one to one advice!

Visit the Score website:

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8. BPlans

Every entrepreneur should know the importance of a business plan. BPlans offers the largest database of plans in the world. These can provide you with ideas and inspiration that could take your company to the next level.

Visit the BPlans website:

9. BusinessOwners’IdeaCafé.com

This is a site that puts a little fun into business. It is basically a community of owners who share their experience with one another to gain a few fresh ideas.

Visit the website:

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