6 Best Sites for Stock Market News

Whether you’re a newbie investor, or a financial professional that needs to keep up with the investment world this guide tells you about the best 6 websites for all your market information needs.

1. The Street

6 Best Sites For Stock Market News

The Street Inc. is a website founded by industry experts Jim Cramer and Martin Peretz. It provides news, views and commentary from the investment market and services world. Their commentary is extremely insightful and their tips are of use to everyone, regardless of who they are.

They also offer a premium level of service that may be useful for those involved professionally with the investment world.

Visit the The Street Website: thestreet.com

2. Investopedia

Investopedia is the world’s largest and most diverse website dedicated to investment. This website also has industry experts in the driving seat, with Cory Janssen and Cory Wagner providing daily updates 15 times a day. There are also guest bloggers that regularly feature and it sometimes provides Forex analysis.

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Visit Investopedia: investopedia.com

3. DividendInvestor


DividendInvestor are a company which specialize in stock data analysis and provision. They provide an extensive range of user operable tools that allow for analysis that goes far beyond simply reading an article. Visitors can use the stock mining data tool to identify high yield stocks, monthly dividend stocks as well as researching historical data.

Visit the DividendInvestor: dividendinvestor.com

4. Seeking Alpha

The Seeking Alpha website has been established for almost a decade, they provide the most extensive range of stock market data analysis, reports, news and commentaries. The website is run by long term Wall Street expert David Jackson.

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You can browse articles by popularity, research market performance via a wide range of user changeable graphs, as well as signing up to email alerts for specific stock information.

Seeking Alpha has distribution partnership with many blue chip companies, including: CNBC, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, Market Watch, NASDAQ and The Street.

Visit the Seeking Alpha: seekingalpha.com

5. Bloomberg L.P.

Bloomberg has extremely long and rich history. They’ve been running as a company for over 30 years, and big industry name involvement includes: Thomas Secunda, Duncan MacMillan, and Charles Zegar. What’s more is that Bloomberg have a 30% ownership of Merrill Lynch, and if that doesn’t impress you there may not be much that will!

The website itself provides software that is extremely advanced, and allows the user to analyze the current stock market and use the program as an equity trading platform. They provide their software tools and services to well known investment companies around the world.

Additionally for those that find articles to be too time consuming or not engaging enough, Bloomberg L.P. provide a dedicated video blog.

Visit the Bloomberg L.P. Website: bloomberg.com

6. Yahoo Finance

In terms of article resources, you’ll have to go a long way to better Yahoo’s scope and number. They additionally cover all manner of financial news and provide their content video text, video and audio blog.

They additionally release in-depth financial reports that are perfect for the investment professional on a work break.

Visit the Yahoo Finance Website: finance.yahoo.com

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