The Truth About Regal Assets Gold Revealed In This Review

In the current climate gold investment is at its peak, with increasing numbers of people turning to gold and silver as a hedge against inflation.

This will have come to no surprise to those in the industry, as is usual with volatile markets precious metals are seen as a safe alternative to traditional stocks and shares.

Regal Assets, a Gold IRA company located in Burbank, California, are held in high regard within the investment realm; and no wonder, given that an example IRA would have increased in value from $33,000 in 2004, to $129,000 in 2012.

This company cover all manner of gold investments, providing their customers with the options of bullion, coins, silver and other precious metal investment, and hold the following accreditations to their name:

Regal Assets describe the potential that gold has in relation to other investment methods, they state that:

If you’re holding bonds or treasury notes, these fixed price assets only give a fixed return each year. As inflation spirals faster than the return on these assets, they become much less valuable.

It is little wonder then that Regal Assets has become a much trusted name inextricably linked with Gold investment. They define themselves as being an educator of the world of precious metals, and where other companies may baffle you with jargon, they guide you through the process. Testament to this fact is that they offer a free Gold IRA rollover kit, which should be the first step in anyone’s investment journey.

This kit is basically a very in-depth course on the principals of gold investment, included in which is a brief history of various precious metals as well as an answer to the question “Why Is This Precious Metal Such A Good Investment?”

In terms of investment options, they offer various packages that adapt to each customer’s needs. Whilst the company’s primary investments are in gold and silver, they do cover a plethora of other precious metals (such as palladium and platinum). Notably, they trade throughout the world, not just in North America and Europe.

Regal Assets are also renowned for their professional representatives, who often referred to in glowing customer reviews as far from pushy sales persons. Whereas some companies have a reputation for neglecting their customers’ needs, this company is regarded as being customer focussed.

The unadulterated truth about Regal Assets is that they are widely respected company who provide first class customer service… Sorry if you were expecting anything else!

Now for the finer details about investing with them…

They waive the fees for the storage and administration of your gold, should you decide to store with them. In any case their annual fee is a mere $250, which you will find is difficult to beat. Lastly, they guarantee delivery of your metals within a 7 day time frame.

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